Drawstring ponytails are one of the easiest and quickest ways to add length and volume to your hair. Ginia’s Beauty drawstring ponytails are high quality and made to mimic your natural hair texture; afro kinky, kinky curly, wavy or straight. Our ponytails are perfect for versatile quick styling for work, a hot date or running errands. Whether you’re going for a blown-out look using our kinky straight texture or a natural texture to blend in with your curly/wavy hair; we’ve got you covered!

Here are three reasons why you will fall in love with Ginia’s Beauty drawstring ponytails.

1)   Matches Your Natural Hair Texture

Finding a match for your natural hair texture; whether it’s afro kinky, kinky curly, wavy or straight, is first and probably the most important tip in making sure your drawstring ponytail looks natural. Using a ponytail that matches your true hair texture saves you from the trouble of over manipulating your natural hair to match or blend with your extensions.

A true hair texture match will hide where your real hair begins and ends so no one can detect that you are wearing extensions. This will make the transition from natural hair to extensions less visible.

2)   Easy To Install

For anyone who’s on the go and needs to quickly change their look for a special occasion, a drawstring ponytail can be a lifesaver! Something you can bank on when you need a fast yet simple style. Just gently brush your hair back into a desired bun, apply using your favorite hair product, and install your textured drawstring ponytail. Voila! You’re all ready to go!

3)   Thick Full Look

Ginia’s Beauty Collection drawstring ponytails give you a full and luscious look. For anyone who has shorter or thinner hair, using a drawstring ponytail is a great trick to add length and fullness to your hair.  When styling, take a section of your extensions and wrap it around your drawstring ponytail for a final touch and to make it look natural.

4)   Great for protective Styles

Wearing a ponytail will seal the ends of your natural hair and protect it from harsh climates. Keeping your ends moisturized and tucked, free from heat and severe manipulation can help prevent split ends. Not to mention the tiny combs inserts are silicone coated so they do not snag your hair. Lastly, the adjustable drawstrings offer extra protection for tighten or loosen the ponytail to your comfort and liking. The drawstrings are also available if you do not want to use the combs.

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