Hair extensions allow us to wear our hair in many different styles or colors to achieve a desired look. Some wear hair extensions due to hair loss from medical conditions or constant hair manipulation over the years. Others wear weave as a form of protective styling, convenience or just to switch up their look without having to put heat or chemicals to their real hair. For this reason, many people opt for clip-in or weft bundle hair extensions.

If you would like to try hair extensions but are stuck between clip-in vs. weft bundle hair extensions, then we are here to help.

Which Is Better? Ginia’s Beauty Collection Clip-In Hair Vs. Weft Bundle Hair Extensions

To sew or to clip? That is the question. Before we settle this debate, it’s crucial to establish that the selection of hair extensions you make should be based on your hair texture and/or how long you plan on wearing the extensions.

Whether you go for clip-In or bundle weft hair extensions, always purchase hair that is closest to your natural hair texture. Doing so will make it difficult for people to spot where your real hair ends or begins.  If you are doing a full sew-in or wearing a wig, then hair texture is not crucial as your entire head will be covered. For any other styles that require you to leave out some of your real hair, we recommend selecting a hair extension that matches your true texture; whether it’s clip-in or weft bundle extensions.  Human hair can be more expensive than synthetic hair, but human hair extensions can last longer, easier to wash, style, apply heat (depending on the texture) or even color.

Clip-In Hair Extensions       

Clip-in hair extensions are best for anyone who wants to quickly add volume or length of their hair. They are easy to install, allows for quick styling and can be removed before you go to bed.  Some come with attached silicone coated clips, which limit snagging or pulling of your real hair.  To install, just secure the clips at the root of your hair and fasten them to where you wish to add more volume.

You can braid your hair underneath or simply part your hair and add hair pieces until you are satisfied with the fullness or length. Clip-in can be great for those who are going through the transitional phase in their natural hair journey or even growing out a permanent hair dye. Since you have the option to install and take them out in minutes, clip-ins are also perfect to quickly style your wavy, afro kinky or kinky curly hair texture as you grow out your natural hair.

Weft/Bundle Hair Extensions

Like clip-in hair extension, wefts or bundles are an ideal way to add volume to your hair or grow out your natural hair. Main difference is that weft bundle hair extensions are sewn into your hair as opposed to being clipped into your hair.

Weft bundle hair styles can also last longer once installed. So, if you are looking for a hairstyle that you can wear for a few weeks, a sew-in using wefted bundles may be your best option. If you’ve opted for bundles, please do not leave them in for too long. I would recommend no longer than 4 weeks, if possible. Remember to still do scalp treatments and to wash and deep conditioned your natural while the wefts bundles are installed.

Regardless if you decide to go with bundles or clip-ins, main thing is to care for your natural hair.

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